Rules and Driver Information

They Might Say 2020 but why change the rules this year?  We had no complaints last year.


General Rule Change

On House Division Racing we will not be Qualifying.  Our hope is that it will allow you, drivers, more practice time and more time to get there on a Friday night after work.  Instead, we will draw for Heat Races as you roll through TECH and we will Spin the Wheel for Driver Invert.  This is based upon a 20 car field.  If you do not make the Heat Race you will start at the Tail, behind the Invert,

Heat Races will also have a Payout this season.



Registered Drivers for American Trucks, Pure Stocks, & Modifieds, Your Pit Pass will be $25 for all House Division Race Nights.  Please make sure you register your Pit Crew gets registered.  You will all be issued a Driver/Pit Crew Card guaranteeing your $25 Pit Pass Rate.  Limit 6 Crew members per team.


Modified Rules

The Birch Run Speedway will be utilizing the same rules as the Midwest Modified Tour.  These are the same rules that will be utilized by the Hot Shoe Qualifier at Kalamazoo, the Hot Shoe 100 at Kinross, as well as the Midwest Modified Tour.

Exception:  Howe Front Clips are permitted at all House Division Racing Events and the I-75 Modified Challenge for Suicide Awareness.

The Midwest Modified Tour will be racing at Birch Run on August 21st, as well.  Midwest Modified Tour Rules apply, no BRSEC exceptions allowed.

Street Stocks

Some clarity.  The purpose of bringing the Street Stock Class back to Birch Run was to encourage the people with Street Stocks in their garage to get them back on the track.  There will be some changes to the posted rules to allow cars that are currently racing in the Street Stock class to join us at Birch Run.  Please see the amendments below.

All Tires (F70's and D800's)

Cost $126 per tire Pre-Order | Order more, save more,

$121 per tire with an Order of 20 or more tires

On Race Day tires are $140 Each or $530 for 4

All taxes included

Race Fuel

Cost (Pending)

As always, if you don't see the answer to your questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you about it.  You can email us at


Make Sure you READ ALL Amendments to Rules
Pure Stock

Am. Trucks


Street Stock

General Rules
Outlaw Street Stocks
W9 Form
Pit Waiver
Minor Release
Pit Crew Registration

Pure Stock Amendment 2/12/2020

Camaro is NOT allowed

No Leaf Springs 

Street Stock Amendment 2/12/2020

Leaf Spring Slider Boxes Allowed

Street Stock Amendment 2/25/2020

MInimum 104" Wheel base ( Add 100# under 108" WB )

78" Tread Width

Ride Height 5"

4 Barrel Carb is allowed ( Add 150# )

Racing Transmission is allowed ( Add 100# )

Street Stock Amendment 3/1/2020

602 Sealed Crate Motor with 4 Barrel allowed, NO Weight Penalty

Only a Truck can have a Rear Window in the Street Stock Class

The Hoosier 800 Series is the tire for the Street Stock

Added weight can't be over on the left side or right side percentages for ANY division.

Modified Amendment 1/11/2021

Howe Fab Clips are allowed at BRSEC except for the Midwest Modified Tour Race in August.

Outlaw Street Stock Amendment 1/11/2021

Street Stock Page Has Corrected Purse Information

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