The Ghost of Dixie

Just south of Saginaw, Michigan, at an unremarkable road crossing near the Saginaw Trail, is a field off the roadway and the Stagecoach Station that has become famous in the catalog of American ghost lore. The field was the site of a tragic accident in which several settlers were killed. But according to locals, their ghosts linger at the spot. And ghost hunters from all over the country come to this section of Dixie Highway to witness firsthand the paranormal phenomena they've heard takes place there.

The Legend of the Haunted Racetrack
On October 1, 1837, a group of settlers making their way up the Saginaw Trail to what they were planning as their new homesteads in the untamed northern part of Michigan, died mysteriously during the night.  They had made camp along the creek that crossed the Saginaw Trail, having no idea that this would be their last night on earth.  The next morning a Pony Express Rider happened across the settlers camp while watering his horse and found that they had all died during the night.  They were all just lying there in their tents and wagons.  No explanation could be seen, no foul play was evident.

For almost 200 years now, there have been sightings of those same settlers roaming the fields along the creek on the cold, dark, cloudy nights of October.   

The Facts
In 1948 when Dixie Motor Speedway was built, the racing season was from June thru October.  It was a dirt track and they used to have car races, horse races, and even ostrich racing.  That was until one cold, dark, cloudy night in October, during a horse race, when none of the horses would allow themselves to be lead onto the track.  They broke away from their harnesses and could be seen racing across the fields with what appeared to be riders astride their backs.  The horses were found several miles downstream at the Cass River.  This didn't just happen once, it happened every time there was a horse race in October.  After a couple of years of trying to have horse racing in October, the owners gave up on horse racing altogether at Dixie. 

Several investigations into the legend have come up empty-handed when it comes to documentation of the mysterious event. There seem to be no records or archived newspaper articles about any tragic accident along the creek. A Saginaw deputy, who regularly patrolled that district and had heard the ghost story, researched records for such an explanation and found nothing.

Other Weird Events
Whether there ever was an accident involving settlers along the creek at this spot is open to serious question. Nevertheless, many people report other strange phenomena taking place there, such as recording unexplained voices, heartbeats or sighting of figures. Others report having strange car issues right in that field and on the racetrack itself.

Ghostly Photo
Another person allegedly captured a photo of a young child one night in the middle of the track. It shows a small boy holding a teddy bear. Whether the legend is true or not, is there an explanation for the strange phenomena reported by the many visitors to the spot? Could it be that the expectations of all these people produce a kind of energy that results in the paranormal activity?

This October, experience this all for yourself.  Plan to visit the Haunted Racetrack along the banks of the Creek on the Saginaw Trail at 10945 Dixie Highway in Birch Run, Michigan.  See for yourself the ghosts that roam the grounds of this site of racing and other family-friendly, fun events.  The Haunted Race Track starts on the first weekend of October and runs every Friday and Saturday through Halloween. 

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