Open Track Days

Experience driving

Anyone with a car can enjoy our 4/10's Mile High Banks, our 1/4 Mile Oval, or Figure 8 track.  Whether you are looking to see how you measure up to your buddy or just want to have fun, come on out and be a Race Fan, A Driver, or just a Rider, we have something for you.

What is Open Track Day?

Open Track Day is your opportunity to bring your car onto the track and experience the thrill of high-performance track driving.

Track Days

Open Track Day is available Tuesday & Thursday from 10 am - 4 pm.  Doors open at 9:30 each Tuesday and Thursday.  Simply show up and get ready to test your metal.  You may also schedule a time that works for you to schedule some time on the track.  


If you are at least 18, have your own car and have a current driver's license you can register to drive during an Open Track Day.

Need to Know

First Timers, The Race Track is not the place to learn and home skills.  We will conduct a drivers meeting for all Participants where the rules of the track will be explained.  What the different Flags mean is included.



There could be a few cars on the track at the same time as you.  Passing other cars is allowed in the front stretch and back stretch only.  These are the only designated passing zones.  



Only the driver is allowed in the car during Open Track Day.  Friends and Family can observe from the stands.


Each driver must have and wear a helmet with an "SA" Snell rating no older than 2010.  We will have rental helmets available for $25.

Rain or Shine

If it is raining we will not be allowing cars on the track.  Water tends to make the track slick and we do not want to create an environment that may cause your car to skid or slide into the track wall.  


Most Car Insurance policies DO NOT typically cover track day driving.  We recommend contacting your insurance agent to verify or get coverage.  You will sign a waiver prior to participating in an Open Track Day.



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