• Fred

Are people really that naive?

Last week I sent a letter to Governor Whitmer requesting a variance to her Executive Order that would allow me to have some racing here at Birch Run. I called the office of our illustrious Governor and spoke with what I can only assume was an intern getting his dose of real life work in Government. I'm sure he is a nice young man. He informed me that the Governor would be personally reading my email and responding to my concern. Yeah, right.

I asked for an alternate email address to send my request for variance to, as the website message area is limited to 2000 characters, not enough room to provide a detailed plan for having an event. His answer was that this was the only way to communicate. Well, me being the old guy that I am, I don't remember using the Pony Express or the telegraph, but I do remember Mr. McFeely and his Speedy Delivery of the mail. For those of you who are lost, that was a character on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, he was a mailman. So I wrote a letter. I sent the letter to our Governor. Her Lt. Governor. To both the House and Senate of Michigan Government, and to be safe, the Republican and Democratic Party Headquarters in Lansing. It's only been a week, but I don't understand why I haven't heard back yet. I will keep you posted on my progress. On Monday I will be making phone calls again to see if they got my letter.


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