• Fred

Left Turn Thinking

I'll be the first person to tell you that when I started here at The Dixie, I didn't know a damn thing about racing, nor was I really interested. Things have certainly changed. I still don't have as much knowledge as most of you have in your little finger, but I am learning new things all of the time.

Last fall was a turning point for me. I saw it as more than just watching cars turning left, turning left, turning left, turning left. I have seen the work that drives put into making sure their cars run right. That they are ready for the race. The pure enjoyment that some of them have for their sport. The dedication that owners, a lot of them the drivers parents, put into making their car the best on the track. I've met a lot of GREAT people involved in racing.

During the last 10 months I've visited New Smyrna, Daytona, Five Flags, Anderson Speedway, Lebanon Valley Speedway, and Crisp Motorsports Park. I've been to Kern County Speedway, Indianapolis, Toledo Speedway, Lucas Oil Speedway, Auto City, Owosso, Berlin, Tri-City Speedway, Spartan Speedway, Kalamazoo, and even got to do a couple laps in the United Financial Credit Union Pace Car at Crystal Motor Speedway. I'm already planning on going back to Five Flags this December and I want to get to the Rattler next time too.

For our Michigan tracks that are able to put on some races I say, "That's Great." I wish we were able to host some races too, but the threat that the State of Michigan could pull our Liquor License, though not justified, is too much of a threat to other activities that we hold here on the Event Center side of things. We have a plan ready to go, if we are given a green light by the Saginaw County Health Department and the Governors Office (of whom we have requested a variance to the Michigan Safe Start Plan).

I know a lot of people wish we were racing at The Dixie, and we will race again thanks to the tenacity of our owner, Andy Suski, he just doesn't quit. He has us making improvements to the infrastructure. We've installed a drainage system and we can see grass growing. We have new air conditioning being installed by B&S Heating and Cooling in the SkyBox, and we are working on creating other avenues of entertainment for our future guest, with a keen eye on the safety of our staff, our guests, and our racers always at the forefront of our plans. I have already posted some of the hi-lights for next years season on our website, and we plan to have a full compliment of racing for the 2021 Season.

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