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Your Safety

Times have changed and we must change with the times.  When you come into the facility you will notice that there are handwashing stations and sanitizer stations that weren't there before.   Most of our employees will be wearing masks to make sure that you stay safe.  There will be marks on the ground and more defined lines for the concession windows and bathrooms.  These are to keep you aware of consciously trying to maintain a safe 6' distance from others.  Tables will be spaced out and every other row in the bleachers will be blocked off.  Please do your best to maintain appropriate Social Distancing.  Respect your fellow fans and racers.  NOBODY wants to see Summer End any sooner due to social irresponsibility. 

Stay Safe.  Be Aware.  Let's Race. 

For your convenience, ALL Waivers are available at the bottom of this page

All Roads Lead to the

Birch Run Speedway & Event Center

The race track and event center, formerly known as the Dixie Motor Speedway, is conveniently located off Interstate 75 / Exit 136. Visitors to the Birch Run Speedway and Event Center will want to take advantage of several other attractions in close proximity to the track, shopping at the Birch Run Premium Outlets or sightseeing in picturesque Frankenmuth, there are a variety of options for food and lodging nearby.

Rated “E” for Everyone

The Birch Run Speedway offers action-packed entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you are a seasoned race fan or new to the racing scene, this is the place to be! A quick glance around the stands will confirm that racing is RATED "E" for EVERYONE.  You will see families with children both young and old, grandparents, couples and singles!

VIP Sky Box

Ask about hosting a party in the B&S Heating and Cooling VIP Sky Box.  A great place to entertain your employees, family, friends, sponsors, vendors, customers, and more.  Packages are customized to your needs.   

Pit Policy

In the interest of your safety, we ask that closed-toed shoes be worn when entering the Pit Area.  Sandals, flip flops and such, are not recommended and wearers assume all risk. 


No Alcohol in the pits has always been a rule, but one that was loosely enforced.  For the 2020 Season, and beyond, alcohol is not allowed in the Pit Area.  For those of you that possess a Pit Band, when you purchase a beer or drink from the bar, you will have your Pit Band Marked or Punched with a hole punch.  Two Marks or Punches are allowed.  If you wish to have a third beer or drink you will have to forfeit your Pit Band and will not be allowed in the Pit Area.  Once all Races are completed for the evening, you will be allowed a third, etc. purchase.  This policy is for the safety of all Pit Participants.  

At the conclusion of all Racing Events, the Pit Area will be open to all Fans and Guests of the BRSEC.  Drivers, please be aware of the additional people in the PIts.  This new policy is to allow fans the ability to congratulate you drivers, to seek out your autograph.  Drivers, please be polite to the fans.  For, without them, there is no need for Drivers and Racecars.  

Rain Policy

All Purchases are Final.  In the event of a cancellation due to rain, you will be issued a voucher good for entry to the next like event. We don't like the rain any more than you do.  When we do cancel an event, we look at multiple weather reporting agencies.  We look at what is happening here in Michigan so as to get the best idea.  We only cancel a race when we feel that there is a definite chance of rain or thunderstorms hitting our area.  Thank you for your understanding and support.  It is greatly appreciated 

Lightning Strike

In the event of a LIghtning Strike withing 8 miles of the facility please follow the direction of track officials.  It is possible that Activities may be suspended for 30 minutes or canceled due to LIghtning.    


Weapons of any type including and not limited to, firearms, knives, and blunt force weapons, are NOT allowed at the Birch Run Speedway & Event Center.  Violaters will be asked to return these weapons to their vehicles or they will not be allowed entry.  

All policies are subject to change by management without prior notice. 

The Birch Run Speedway & Event Center strives to provide a safe, fun, facility where families can enjoy their visit and experience some fun entertainment at a great value.

*Season Passes are Non-Transferable


Well, that plan didn't go as expected. 


Thank you for your continued patience as we anxiously await the day that we can open our gates and let people in to watch some racing.  In the meantime, we will continue to work on our facility to make it a safer, enjoyable place for the fans and drivers that support us and like to have fun here.  


The Coronavirus has hit close to home here, the owner of the BRSEC, Andy Suski, contracted the disease, he was hospitalized for weeks, and fortunately for us, he was able to beat it.  We know the seriousness of this and what it can do, and what it has done to many others.  It is a scary ordeal for the person that is all alone in the hospital, unable to have visitors, as their family waits, hopes, and prays that their loved one will come back home to them.  Our Family has also had friends who have experienced a losing battle with Covid-19 as well.  These are some of the reasons that we are taking the precautions that we have; following the Governors Executive Orders, speaking to the Saginaw County Health Department about ways to make our facility safe for not just the fans that want to come out and have fun, watch some races with the family, but also the drivers, and especially our staff.  When we open those gates we will be sure that we have done everything we can think of to keep you all safe. 


When you come to the track you will see a lot of changes.  There are sanitizer stations, extra hand washing stations, and A LOT of signs that remind you to keep 6 feet apart.  We will be open for practices most Wednesdays, watch on Facebook at Birch Run Speedway, for up to date notices.  Pit Passes are only $10.  If you want to come out and watch the cars go around, you can sit in the stands.  Just remember to keep your distance.  


We will try and keep you informed and up to date on what is happening and when it will happen.  Keep checking the website and watch for news on our Facebook page.    


Pit Waiver
Covid Waiver
Minor Waiver
Please Present Completed Waivers to BRSEC Staff Upon Entry



Now Hiring

Think you'd like to work at the Racetrack.  Stop by and see Fred.  He is here almost every Monday thru Friday from 10 until 4.  Give a call to 989-624-9778 before you stop in to make sure.  

Flagman | Pit Chute | Pit Steward | Assistant Pit Steward | Tire Machine Operator | Race Tech  

Line Scorer | Scoring Assistant | Hosts | Waitstaff | Bartender | Safety/Security Staff 

Social Awareness

At the Birch Run Speedway & Event Center, we are grateful for the opportunities that we have to serve our community.  There are many days during the season where our facility is available for use by local Charities.  Please feel free to contact us for availability and to see what we can do to assist your organization.  Please email us at GoFast@BirchRunRacing.com




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